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UKC, ISWS, ICKC Ch. Tangaloor Alamogordo

Atom is a gorgeous boyfrom Yasera and Darien's litter. He's spent several years in Michigan where he earned his ICKC championship and now has returned to the pacific northwest to stay. He's sired a NW litter and attained his UKC and ISWS championships after he's already attained veteran age status.

Atom is an easy guy to get along with, loves people and puppies and is a joy to have around. His one major flaw is selecting a dog to trim the hair from. He's given some lovely haircuts around here to the point she is not allowed out with dogs that are heading to a show. He's got plenty of company with the youngsters and retied dogs, but he always seemd to pick my prime show candidates!

Washington Classic UKC
Best Male
08/25/13 Silken Celebration UKC BISS
05/31/14 Silkenfest 2014 BOW 5 ISWS Major
06/01/14 UKC, Chehalis, WA BOB   Major
06/01/14 UKC, Chehalis, WA BOB   Major

Tangaloor Raincoast Salish
Kristull Irish Ash
Kristull Gringo
Windaur Hamlet Of Ryhka
Kridoni's Bengala 
Kristull Nobunny
Kristull Falcone
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Egyptian Beauty
Kristull Sawyer Brown
Kristull Gringo
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Kristull Suzie Q Tangaloor
Kristull Gringo
Kristull Nobunny
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Kristull Decadence
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Hannah
Kristull Decadence
Kristull Boston Legacy
Kristull Cricket
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Dulce
WindAuer Hamlet of Rhyka
Kridoni's Bengala 


Atom Quick Stats


DNA ParentageVerified
Mdr1 Status
CERF Results Normal - 2017
CEA/CH Clear
OFA Thyroid Normal -2013
OFA Cardio Normal - 2015
OFA Dental Full Dentition
23 inches
ISWS Championship 05/31/14
ICKC Championship 2008
UKC Championship 06/1/14
Lotus Status Unknown Status
2 Litter Normal bred to Unknown females

Photo credits to Crystal Buckey, Iola Stetson and Julie Ward

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