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Website Updates and Changes

August 2011
Welcome a new young man, Wyndolyn Silver Fox to Tangaloor. He's a gorgeous boy with style, flair and personality. I have some high hopes for him and crossing my fingers that he fulfills his potential.
Dexter is vacationing in California with Cyndi Dell at Morgandell with the hopes of siring a litter that would be due in October. Fingers crossed for more California puppies!
July 2011

Welcomed a new litter at Tangaloor. Ember was re-bred to Space for a repeat of the litter that produced Time and Claire. They were born via c-section on 7/6/11. Come visit the Fire litter.
Tara from Scirocco visited for a breeding to Space, she came into heat around July fourth and should be having a litter in September. Keep an eye on Scirocco for confirmation of the breeding and upcoming litter. They should be some gorgeous fast dogs!
The second litter was born in the back of my car around Portland, OR. 5 lovely puppies entered the world born to Naya and Space. This was my most intresting drive to Portland and thankfully all went beautifully in the whelping-mobile:-). Come visit the Road litter.

June 2011
At the NW Silken Celebration, the Tangaloor crew did great. In one show, Claire (Tangaloor Sunlit Silence) received BISS and Time received BOS and Feyd received an AOM. In the Second show Feyd won BISS, Claire won BOSS and Time received an AOM. Both Time and Claire finished their ISWS Championships. Congrats to everyone who showed, it was a wonderful event.
May 2011
Attended Silkenfest in lovely California, Feyd received and AOM and Best of Opposite Veterans in Sweeps. It was a wonderful event and so nice to see everyone again.
March 2011
Welcomed a litter of puppies Co-Bred with Gerry Smith of Skyhaven Hounds. SkyhavenWestern Mind was bred to Kristull Something Blue and produce 5 lovely daughters. Welcome to the Buffy litter, full of girl power.
August 2010
Welcome to Stark, a Miniature Aussie, to Tangaloor. Stark is the result of several years of searching for the right breeder an litter and boy did I get lucky. He should be out in the shows in 2011, come on and say hi to the Aussie with the Silkens!
July 2010
At our annual NAKC show, Leonidas finished his NAKC show in style. Taking 3 BOB and moving all the way to BIS he had a wonderful completion of his championships. Time took his first points with a BOB in one show and Tarot made her very excited debut in the showring. Look for both Time and Tarot out in the future
June 2010

At NorthwestFest, Feyd garned another BISS from the veteran class. I was thrilled and Feyd so enjoyed being back in the ring. Showing a lovely Veteran is something special. Leonidas Finished his ISWS Championship taking Winner's dog in one show and Ember won her Brood Bitch class in one show. We came home with a lot of loot and a new addition. Welcome Murdock!
June also saw 6 dogs here get their OFA cardios rechecked. Fallon, Space, Harper, Sony, Ember, and Feyd were all re-passed as normal!

September 2009
At the Rarities show in Oregon City Oregon, Garibaldi finished his Rarities Championship, Leonidas earned 10 points twords his Rarities Championship with 3 WD wins, Time took BPIG 4 times and BPIS once as well as a RWD award once.
July 2009
At the Rarities show in Oregon City Oregon, Garibaldi finished his ISWS Championship, Maralinga finished both her ISWS and Rarities Championships and Ember finished her Rarities Championship. Maralinga was also awarded an RBIS
June 2009
At the ISWS specialty in Magnuson Park, Garibaldi took Winner's Dog, Fallon took Reserve Winner's dog, and Claire (Space X Ember) took Best Puppy in Show.
April 2009
At Boofest in St. Louis, MO. Space was awarded and AOM. It was a wonder time to see all my silken friends and so many lovely dogs.
July 2008
At the Rarities shows held in Ravensdale WA: Maralinga received her first 5 point Major
At the Rarities shows held in Oregon City, OR: Ember received 10 points from BOS and BIG, finishing her her ISWS Championships
Garibaldi got his first 6 points from WD at the Oregon City Shows
Maralinga got another 5 point major for BOW in Oregon City as well.
June 2008
Okay some Serious Catching Up to do here!

November 16, 2007 Leonidas was born as a singleton puppy to Sony and Firefly

November 21, 2007 Halley arrives from Chris Swilley in IA

February 18, 2008 Java gave birth to 5 puppies sired by Raad. Two are remaining here, Dexter and Naya and the rest have gone to new homes in WA, CO and IA

March 1, 2008 Ginger gives birth to a litter of 4 puppies in Texas. This litter was sired by Harper

June 4/5, 2008 Leonidas is awarded BPIS, and Garibaldi is awarded RWD at SF 2008

November 2007
Updated health testing for:

Updated with Pictures from Boofest 2007

~Puppies due on Thanksgiving~ Counting down until puppy time!

October 2007
At Boofest 2007, Space was honored again with BOS, Ember won WB and Maralinga received BOBBE. Thanks to eveyone that helped show my dogs, I couldn't have done it without you! I'm so proud of these guys and can't wait to get more of them out to some more local show venues. Here's hoping my life cooperates!

Atom (Tangaloor Alamogordo) was shown at his first Rarities show and took BIS, RBIS and BIS in the three shows. Win picts will be posted as soon I receive scans. He's also now the Top Silken for 2007 in the Rarities points schedule. Way to go Kamela and Atom!

September 2007
Sony is bred to Firefly and Feyd for Thanksgiving puppies and will I ever be thankful if she gets pregnant. Deposits are being taken on puppies, so if you are interested, email me for more information.

~Update!! Sony is confirmed pregnant~

Click here for the litter page

August 2007
New Photos of:

A new fun photo album of the boys playing
Breedings page updated

April 2007
6 new Good Citizens for Tangaloor. Fox, Raad, Feyd, Maralinga, Selene and Thief all received their CGC title on 4/24/07. This means that ALL of The adults here at Tangaloor are CGC titled. WOOHOO!
March 2007
Updated Pictures of Maralinga, and Garibaldi. New Pages for Sahara, Mulder and Magic.
February 2007
4 new Good Citizens for Tangaloor. Garibaldi, Sony, Ember and Vixen all received their CGC title on 2/27/07
January 2007
Updated picts of Atom, Maralinga, Selene, and Available page
December 2006
Garibaldi joins the website
Updated picts of Atom, Maralinga, Selene, and Thief
New fun candids album uploaded
October 2006
New Pictures of Firefly
Updated photos of the pups still here, Mysteries and the Nuclear Tests
Atom, Maralinga, and Selene get their own pages
Septemeber 2006
Yasera's page updated
Feyd's Ladies page updated with a puppy photo from Love's litter
Haper's Ladies page updated with pictures of Rex and Pup from his litter with Nocturne
Updated pictures of Rarities Ch. Kristull Arcadia by Tangaloor, SRC (Sasha)
Updated pictures of Tangaloor Bonetti (Rufferto)
Updated pictures of Tangaloor Entagled Mints (Tula), Tangaloor Dublin Mudslide (Dublin) and Tangaloor Chocolate Therapy (Sahara)
More New puppy pictures in the Puppy Fun Album
August 2006
Space received his CGC the day after he turned 2 years old. I am hoping he'll go on to do some therapy dog work, everyone at the test felt he would be quite and asset to that program.

Mystery and Yasera pups have updated pictures at 8 weeks and 7 weeks, respectively.

July 2006
3 week old picts of Mystery's litter, 2 week old picts of Yasera's litter

2 week old picts of Mystery's litter, 1 week old picts of Yasera's litter.

June 2006
1 week old picts of Mystery's litter, 1 day old picts of Yasera's litter.

Born June 23, 2006. 3girls and 3 boys to Darien and Yasera. See their page here, and more photos here.

Born June 16, 2006. 1 girl and 5 boys to Feyd and Mystery. See their page here, and more photos here.

May 2006
Two new boys arrive from Kristull. Denali and Firefly are here on loan for stud use and we are thrilled to have them here for a while. Please contact me if you are intersted in breeding to them while they are in the NW.
Sasha, the black and white sister of Space got her Straight Racing Championship. New pictures of her up soon.
New pictures of Harper uploaded.
New pictures of Vixen uploaded. And in the Gallery
Uploaded copies of registrations, DNA certs, OFA Certs, CERF Certs for all dogs. Links on the "stats" page for each one.
April 2006
Harper passed his CGC test on April 18, 2006. He's the first Silken CGC I have, though he won't be the last. I'm very proud of how far this guy has come in a year. Way to go Harper!!
Mystery and Yasera both came into heat this month so puppies will be forthcoming. See the Breedings page for updates and information on availability.
March 2006
After the Sacramento Rarites show, Space finished both his ISWS and his Rarities championships. Way to go Space! He is my first homebred Champion. Vixen showed well also getting Best puppy in Breed in the two shows she was entered and getting RWB in the ISWS Silken Specialty. Not bad for an 8 month old girl. Sony received 2 RWB during the weekend and Darien got his first and only placing of RWD.
The bare bones of my silken library is up, updates, with luck, will be frequent.
A fun custom 404 page, to make all those wrong links a bit less frustrating

February 2006
Ladies pages for Feyd, Darien and Harper who have had, or have upcoming an outside breeding.

January 2006
New photos uploded in the gallery. New photos for:
Darien Feyd Fox
Harper Mystery Raad
Sony Space Ember

01/26/06 New picture on Mystery's page.

01/24/06 New Journal Entry "Mother Mystery"

01/23/06 New Journal Entry "The uses of a Geek"

01/09/06 Breedings page updated to include Darien X Yasera.

01/04/06 New Journal Entry "Holiday Hounds"

December 2005
12/07/05 - New Pictures on the following pages: Mystery, Feyd, Vixen, Ember, Sony, Space, Fox, Darien, & Raad. Pictures are on main pages as well as linked pages, such as stats or show pages.