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Whelping Supplies 

I frequently get asked for whelping help and while I'm always more than willing to help I thought I'd finalyl take the time an dput up all the info on a webpage to save me recreating it repeatedly. Somehow I can enver find those emails I send off when I need them again. So here goes:

For the mom:

Whelping pool A Kiddy pool works great or you can buy a whelping box, I like an x-pen set up around the whelping pool with blankets draped over the side and top to keep it a bit warmer and secluded. Miniclamps are great for getting the blankets attached to the x-pen
Bedding I use lot sof soft bedding (conforters/blankets) covered by a sheet and then a few layers of puppy pads for easy cleanup
Thermometer To check mom's temperature, most girls temperature's drop within 12-24 hours of whelping
Nutrical Gives a little energy boost
Calcium tums, vanilla ice cream, may help prevent hypocalcemia
Broth/Water To rehydrate mom during the whelp, some will drink and some will not, most of mine love homemade chicken stock
Emergency vet's number Easiest to have this on hand ahead of time, just in case

For the puppies:

Hemostats, unwaxed dental floss To clamp and tie off umbilical cords
Scissors To cut the cord if mom doesn't do it for you
Surgical gloves to use if you need to digitally exmaine themom or need to remove a stuck pup
K-Y Jelly can help in lubricating a stuck puppy
Feeding tubes, syringes, liquid milk A quick tube feeding can turn around a weaker puppy that's having some trobule getting started. 20 cc syinges and a size 10 french feeding tube work well for silken puppies.
Hand towels For drying off puppies
Heat lamp use in 1/2 the whelping pen so the pups have a warm area
Holding box lined with towels, hot watter bottle You can put the pups in it when you are dealing with a new pup or if you need to transport to the vet with mom
Pen and puppy Info sheets I use those from the Lindal workbook and use them to note pertinent info on each pup, weight, markings, dew claws, vigor, etc.
RikRak or puppy collars Different colors for identifying pups
Scale For weighing the pups at birth as well as monitoring them for the first few weeks to make sure they are gaining weight. I prefer a good digital scale as opposed to a kitchen scale

For the Humans:

Movies For watching in between pups, some moms can take a long break in between pups
Food To keep that strength up!
Beverages Either caffinated ones to keep you awake or others to toast the new little ones.
Cell Phone To have people on hand for calling for advice or help or just to keep you up
Whelping References Keep your reference handy, I list a couple of good practical ones in the Library

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