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Kristull Z Mystery

Mystery is my charming socialite and foundation girl. She's since retired and moved to sunny California to live with her son Rhett and to be adored by children and loved by all. I greatly miss her sweet charm and perfect lovely attitude, but I am grateful that she has left me several wonderful children in Space, Thief, Selene, and Magic. She is a most wonderful silken and her contribution to the breed is incalculable. Hugs you you sweet lady!

Not only does she have an excellent social and silly nature, she is beautifully put together. She's small at 20.75 inches tall and has correct angulation, a lovely head and expression and her luxurious soft coat and her deep, dark eyes are a lethal combination that she uses expertly to get the petting and snuggling she deserves.

Mystery finds happiness in the simple things in life, and takes nothing for granted. The first time she was given a pigs ear, she was so overjoyed that she danced around it, and wiggled and wagged and pawed at it, and spent so much time expressing her delight in the pig ear that it actually took her 10 minutes before she actually could settle down to enjoy eating it.

Mystery is also a superb and loving mother, and is constantly amazing me with how long she cares for her babies. With her last litter now young adults, she is still a mom to them.  She prides herself in providing for them and will take them each treats and turkey necks as I am handing them out, before she enjoys keeping one to eat for herself.


Kristull Chili
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Amalie
Kristull Darque Decision
Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Windsprite Autumnal Danny
Windsprite Autumnal Image
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Stillwater White Lightning
Eng, Am Ch. Stillwater Virginia Reel
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Windsprite Wintery Xebec
Windsprite Winter Galop
Windsprite Winter Nymph
Windsprite Autumn Jazz
Windsprite Winter Unicorn
Windsprite Winter Xmas
Kristull Amalie
Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Windsprite Autumnal Danny
Windsprite Autumnal Image
Windsprite Autumnal Diane 
Windsprite Winter Talisman 

Kristull Z- Mystery Quick Stats

DNA Parentage Verified
Ivermectin Status
CERF Results 2007 CERF:SWH-120/2007-101
Vitreous Humor leakage

punctate cataracts on L eye, susptected injury

OFA Cardio 2007 Cardio: SWH-CA18/100F/C-PI Normal

SWH-CA18/81F/C-PI Normal

OFA Thyroid 2007 Thyroid: SWH-TH65/100F-PI - Normal
Lotus Status Unknown Status
2 unaffected litters prior to moving to Tangaloor
2 unaffected litters bred to Unknown Status males at Tangaloor

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