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Kristull Landsraad Tangaloor, CGC

Raad is the biker boy, con artist and unrepentant French kisser of the group.  He thinks of himself as the ultimate ladies’ man, and he’s not disturbed by the though that the ladies don’t always agree with him.  His con artistry is perfected on Fox, whom he cons into getting into trouble as often as possible.  Fox knows how to get in and out of most doors and gates, but rarely bothers unless Raad’s chronic wandering disease is full-blow.

On the back of a Harley is an easy place to picture Raad. He lives life at full speed and doesn’t heed many risks that most dogs, especially Silken Windhounds, seem aware of.  I can see him in a leather jacket roaring off into the sunset with the latest in the string of girls behind him. Raad is a focused individual and most of the time his focus is me. I'm hoping someday to do agility with him because he's very quick and agile and would enjoy the challenge. Though he'd probably prefer that it was no-holds barred wrestling.

I truly regret not having done agility with him, he is one of the few Silken Windhounds I know with the drive and no fear of getting things wrong to do that sort of work.  Raad sees the fun in everything, even if it means getting yelled at.  He’s never felt guilt and in his mind he’s never done anything wrong, sometimes he’s just praised weirdly. 

His French kissing does catch people off guard.  He loves to stand very close, gazing adoringly into my eyes and watching meintently.  He accurately assesses when I’ve forgotten that his nose REALLY is that close and I am mentally engaged somewhere else and then he does it. Swipe!, with his amazingly fast tongue and then he freezes again while I yell in surprise.  Just to wait until I’ve forgotten he’s there again. 

Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
Windsprite Autmnal Xenon
Windsprite Autumnal Danny
Windsprite Autumnal Image
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Stillwater White Lightning
Eng, Am Ch Stillwater Virginia Reel
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Windsprite Wintery Xebec
Windsprite Autumn Jazz
Kristull Amalie
Windsprite Autmnal Xenon 
Windsprite Autumnal Diane 
Kristull Elvira
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Amalie
Kristull Hannah
Kristull Decadence
Windsprite Autmnal Xenon
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Kristull Boston Legacy
Windsprite Frost Express
Windsprite Autumnal Quiz

Raad Quick Stats

DNA Verified
Ivermectin Status
CERF Results SWH-124/2006--66
OFA Cardio SWH-CA16/65M/C-PI Normal
OFA Thyroid
pending - Equivocal
Retest in 3-6 months
Canine Good Citizenship
Lotus Status Unknown Status
1 Normal litter

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