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Kristull Quantico Tangaloor, CGC

Fox is my  right-hand man, my main co-alpha, his job is fixing all the problems that my left-hand man, Raad, has gotten him into.  He is an excellent example of a great pack leader, stoic, resourceful, patient, tolerant and he knows exactly how much of an alpha he needs to be to solve things.  Fox has never started a conflict, but he’s ended several. 

Fox has matured into a stunning male with a wonderfully full coat that just shows promises of becoming more beautiful. His coat not overly is long, but a thick plushy type coat. He's a gentleman in all respects, unless conned into shenannigans by the other dogs. He can't bear not to be playing if someone is. Raad and he, while disparate in size, are similar in their attitude for play. They do it with all that is in them and as hard as they can.

The one thing Fox doesn’t have is a sense of humor.  He tried for a time to develop one, but the silliness that exemplifies other dogs just doesn’t suit him.  He’s many things, but being a comedian just isn’t in the cards for him.  He’s a gentleman that walks me to my front door every evening before he then enjoys and a night of carousing outside with the guys.

He’s a nose-poker extraordinare, a trait that he’s passed onto several of his children.  He pokes me in the back of my head in greeting, he drums his nose into my mid-section as commentary.  He’s king of Morse Code of the nose. . He’s a hunter of live, wild furry things, such as rabbits, gophers and coyotes, but finds the idea of lurecoursing silly, and knows cats are distinctly off limits.  And if you hear any haunting musical howling around my place, you can bet that is Fox giving tribute to his heritage.

(10-Generation COI = 7,49741%)
Kristull Gringo
Windaur Hamlet Of Ryhka
Windsprite Autumn Wood Wine
Windsprite Wintery Xebec
Windsprite Autumn Jazz
Kristull Darque Decision
Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Ch Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Kridoni's Bengala
Khivas Kevin
Khivas Top Billing
CH Khiva's Something Special
Dragonfly's Lalique
Indio De Roberjos
Dragonfly's Black Elegance
Kristull Silver
Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Windsprite Autumnal Danny
Windsprite Winter Talisman
Windsprite Winter Glow
Windsprite Autumnal Image
Windsprite Tango
Windsprite Winter Nymph
Birchwood's Silver Tapestry
Birchwood's Dresden V Tobrien 
BISS AmCh Crescents Arctic Glacier ROMX-C 
 Tobrien's Andriana
Birchwood's Pewter LCM 
Birchwood's Oracle 
Ridgeside Silver Smoke 

Fox Quick Stats

DNA Verified
Ivermectin Status
CERF Results SWH-119/2006--63
OFA Cardio SWH-CA17/63M/C-PI Normal
OFA Thyroid
pending - Equivocal
Retest in 3-6 months
Canine Good Citizenship
Lotus Status Unknown Status
1 normal litter with a Known Carrier female
2 normal litters with Unknown Status females


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