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Tangaloor Kwisatz Haderach

Atreides is as close to a clone of his Father, Feyd that I have had. He's slower to mature than
his brother and sister, but I has high hopes for him. He's an adoringly sweet boy with the
movement I've always found utterly breathtaking in his father. He's small and refined and lovely.
He's shown such promise that I'm thrilled to see how he matures. Right now I have trouble finding
much to fault with him.

ISWS, ICKC Kristull Yataghan Tangaloor, CGC
Kristull Beloved
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Hannah
Kristull Decadence
Kristull Boston Legacy
Kristull Cricket
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Decadence
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Dulce
WindAuer Hamlet of Rhyka
Kridoni's Bengala 
Kristull Satsuma Just A Kiss
Kristull Otherworld Blue
Firebird's Merlin Falcon
Renaissance Rhapsody Monk
Kristull Natasha of Firebird
Kristull Azuresong
Kristull Fallon
Kristull Jjuno
Gryffyn Aeyrie Wild Heart
Kristull Unbreakable
Kristull Fallon
Kristull Impetuous
BIS Gryffyn's Aeyrie Gypsy Road
MBIS, MBISS, NAKC, IABCA Ch., ISWS Grand Ch. Gryffyns Just Push Play 
Gentle Winds Sola Kristull

Date Show Place Points Major
7/1/16 PSK9 UKC Show, Argus Ranch Best Male  
8/7/16 NSWS UKC Show, Tigard Best Male  


Atreides Quick Stats

DNA Verified
Ivermectin Status
CERF Results
CEA/CH Clear
OFA Cardio

Normal - 2015

OFA Thyroid
OFA Dental Full Dentition
21 inches


Canine Good Citizenship
Lotus Status
Unknown, never bred

Photo Credits to Gary Claggett and Rinda Clark and Hillary Tregillus

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