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Tangaloor Art of Kaanli X Kristull Tangential Epiphany

Born September 18, 2017

Week 5

Blue Boy

Week Five


Well he's cooperative, even if overstretched and doing a Saddlebred horse impression :-)
Hopefully 6 weeks will be a bit easier week



Yellow Girl

Week Five


Pink Girl

Week Five


Purple Girl

Week Five

Green Boy

Week Five


Kristull Tangential Epiphany
Gryffyn's Aeyrie Stop and Stare
Gryffyn's GamesWithoutFrontiers
Allagante Aragorn Elessar
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Ispahans Gone With the Wind
Gryffyns Just Push Play
Gryffyn's Hazy Shade of Winter
Renaissance Jett
Kristull Fallon
Kristull Ivanhoe
Kristull Z-Mystery
Katz Dharma at Renaissance
Katz Bayou Blue Haze
Teine Enchantress
Tangaloor Art of Kaanli
ISWS, ICKC Kristull Yataghan Tangaloor, CGC
Kristull Beloved
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Hannah
Kristull Cricket
Kristull Incognito
Kristull Dulce
Kristull Satsuma Just A Kiss
Kristull Otherworld Blue
Firebird's Merlin Falcon
Kristull Azuresong
Gryffyn Aeyrie Wild Heart
Kristull Unbreakable
BIS Gryffyn's Aeyrie Gypsy Road


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