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UKC Ch. Dar Morev's The Fiery Cross


Gulliver is my big red happy goof. He could have easily been named Clifford.
He's is eternally happy and bouncy like Tigger and getting him to show
less enthusiasm in the ring has been a challenge. He's finally maturing enough to enjoy
it but not to bounce along with every stride:-). I love his optimism and affection, even at home he's
bouncing along next to me

He looks so serious here doesn't he? It's all a ruse. He's got a wondefully stable temperment, but it's is set
on HAPPY! Rarely have I ever seen him worried or down of upset and I truly
adore that.

Kumbaya James Bond
Kristull Unbreakable
Kristull Fallon
Kristull Ivanhoe
Kristull Z-Mystery
Kristull Impetuous
Kristull Annikin
Kristull Ultra Suede
Talisman Maia Mudita Kumbaya
Allagante Lunar Talisman
Windspirit Apache Allagante
Kristull Dabisha Allagante
Kristull Quite Black
Kristull Gringo
Kristull Silver
ISWS, UKC, NAKC Ch Tangaloor Sunlit Silence
ISWS, ICKC Ch Tangaloor Unusual Suspect, CGC
Kristull Quantico Tangaloor, CGC
Kristull Gringo
Kristull Silver
Kristull Z-Mystery
Kristull Chili
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
ISWS, ICKC Ch Gryffyn's Fire Woman, CGC
Kristull Ivanhoe
Kristull Gringo
Kristull Nobunny
Kristull Jumpin' Jehosephat
Kristull Gringo
Kristul Kali

Date Show Place Points Major
8/3/15 NWSWS UKC Show Best Male  
8/3/15 NWSWS UKC Show Best Male  
07/9/16 NWFest ISWS Specialty Winner's Dog  
07/10/16 RTDCA UKC Show, LaGrande Best Male   Yes
5/26/19 NWSWS UKC Show BOB, Group 1   Yes

Gulliver Quick Stats

DNA Verified
Ivermectin Status
CERF Results
CEA/CH Clear
OFA Dental Full Dentition
OFA Cardio

Normal - 2015

OFA Thyroid
Embark DNA Test Completed
UKC Ch. 07/10/2016
24.5 inches at 2 years
Lotus Status
Likely Carrier


Photo Credits to Barb Solga and Iola Stetson and Julie Ward Photography and Hillary Tregillus

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